Is it safe to share my vehicle's VIN?

Addressing privacy concerns.

Jack Dough

Last Update 4 years ago

Knowing a BMW’s unique VIN makes it easy to find out detailed information about the specific vehicle. For this reason, it’s common practice to include a VIN in the listing when selling a car, and is generally encouraged. In most vehicles, the VIN is clearly visible through the front windscreen, meaning that — like a license plate number — it is assumed to be public knowledge. For this reason, they are designed to be safe to share.

In order to place your order we require the last 7 digits of your vehicle's VIN. The map type (EVO, LIVE, MOVE, NEXT, PREMIUM, ROUTE, WAY) installed in your car can be identified from the last 7 digits of your vehicle's VIN. The map type is specific to each car and it is not possible to change to a different type of map in your car. Additionally the map in the car is limited to a specif region (like North Amreica or Europe) and sometimes it is not possible to install maps for a different region without following additional steps.

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